aboutPushing people past barriers, strengthening the body, calming the mind are all key principals I imbue in my classes.  I was never athletic growing up, and I want everyone to know that it’s never too late to start.  My first yoga class at Laughing Lotus in New York City was a beginners series, and it set the foundation of the way that I teach asanas today.  I have studied under world-renown yoga instructor, Meghan Currie, who helped me develop an authentic voice.  By creating themes that cleverly integrate yoga postures with mindfulness, my classes build on creating power of the mind body connection.  Fostering this deeper relationship between mind, body, and movement takes consistency and presence that are essential for greater benefit. A passion of mine that I love sharing is helping others cultivate this inner wisdom.

Tiffany Pek is a yoga teacher and MELT Method instructor based in New York City. Connect with Tiffany on Instagram



Photos by Jules Seaman/Exhale Yoga Retreats